UEG believes that understanding neurodiversity


 collaboration and support among adults

creates growth for all children.


 The Umansky Education Group is here to help you

create neurodivergent inclusive spaces


consult with you to help your achieve your education and ADHD goals. 


We will help you create neurodivergent inclusive workspaces for everyone,

strengthen your general or special education program,

manage an online or virtual program,

teach you how to make ADHD work for you


help you create a strong IEP.

Our services include neurodiversity inclusion training,

education consulting, and

ADHD coaching.

Click on the Services page for more details.


James Brooks,
Parent of Former Student

Jenna was our key partner as we created and evaluated education goals for our child during elementary and high school. While a big part of her responsibility was to walk us through an IEP process, she did so much more than that. She helped us think about practical skills and learning methods. More importantly, Jenna knew our child – his challenges, strengths, and potential. She saw him nearly every day and understood the conditions necessary for him to succeed, to finish high school, and to be accepted to colleges. Jenna became our ally and our family friend. We are still connected to her even now that our son is 24 and making his own way in the world.


Washington, DC

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