Collaboration with Purpose

With more than 23 years’ experience in DC area schools and abroad, Jenna Umansky works successfully with students, families, teachers, and administrators.

Jenna began her career as a teacher and behavior support specialist at schools serving students with intellectual disabilities and Autism. She then moved to administration, working with teachers and staff to support neurodiverse learners. 

In her roles as an educator and administrator, Jenna has worked with students ages 3-22 with disabilities ranging from ADHD to Specific Learning Disabilities to Emotional Disorders. 


Her vast experience has allowed Jenna to become an expert in special education processes and procedures, IEPs (Individual Education Plans), inclusion models, and special education teaching methods. In the course of her career Jenna has led or attended more than 500 IEP meetings. 

Jenna’s work is grounded in the belief that

collaboration and support among adults creates growth for all children.