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The Path to Success

  • Project Management & Oversight

    • Creation of Policies & Procedures

    • Handbook Development

    • Special Education Program Revision

    • Response to Intervention Implementation

  • Education Trainings

    • Special Education 101

    • How to read and implement an IEP

    • Inclusion

    • Types of Disabilities

    • What is Response to Intervention (RtI)

    • Is your program inclusive and accessible to all learners?

  • Online program management for students

Jenna's services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. 


She works collaboratively throughout the entire process so you see growth in your staff and students.

Contact her by clicking the button below or at jenna@umanskyed.com to find out how she can help today and for the future.


A Collaborative Approach

Do you need an expert experienced planning for and support at an IEP meeting? 

Are you concerned that your child's needs are not being met?

Do you want to ensure your child receives the support they require in the classroom?

In this new age of virtual education, you need a partner to help with this unchartered frontier.


Jenna will be your guide and voice to ensure that your child has a strong IEP, which provides the basis for a successful education and to know they have done their best.


Contact her by clicking the button below or at jenna@umanskyed.com to discuss how you can work together.


Take virtual school  off your plate

Does your child need help to create systems to stay organized with assignments and projects?


Do you need someone to help your child organize their online learning?

Is your child with ADHD or Anxiety struggling to complete tasks and assignments?

Through virtual and in-person tutoring sessions Jenna can successfully relieve you of this often-onerous responsibility!


Contact her by clicking the button below or at jenna@umanskyed.com